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What is on the leaves and what can I do about it?

I just noticed these white specks on the bottom of some leaves, and the brown dots on the top of the same leaves. I know the plant is chronically under watered, that’s my bad πŸ˜… the simpler the solution, the more likely I can implement it, though I obviously want it to be effective and when possible avoid harsh chemicals. Oh and, some neighboring plants have some bad scale (hard and brown), been intending to throw those out to keep it from spreading. Idk if that’s related at all. #PestControl #Avocado #pestID #help
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Looks like mealybugs. Neam oil works wonders. Do research. If you have other plants, you will likely need to treat all of them. I use a soft cloth, wear gloves, and wipe all leaves down. There are mealy bugs that attack the leaves, and others that attack to the root ball.

In my opinion, getting rid if the ones in the leaves is easier. Though it will be a fight. STAY ON TOP OF IT! And when you think you're good, keep up the routine a little longer.

Good luck.
@FerventGasteria From what I’ve seen online, mealy bugs are bigger? And the eggs are in clumps. Could these be whitefly eggs? I haven’t noticed any of the whitefly adults, but maybe I’m catching it before they have multiplied much. Your thoughts?
Definitely a pest, and white flies are common in your area so you're likely right on the money.

Are your plants indoors or outdoors? You'll want to give them regular showers and use insecticidal soap. You can make one with water, Castile soap and peppermint essential oil or buy something like Natria (which is safe for edible plants).
I recomend Neam oil. Here is a good article on how to use it: