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Why does my money tree have brown spots?? 😢 The soil stays dry. I water maybe every 10 days and it gets good light.
It may be that the soil stays too dry or the humidity is too low. It’s a good idea to keep the soil moist, but not soggy as it can cause root rot. You can also invest in a humidifier :)

OR if you cannot do that, you can place a container of water with rocks, and place it under your pot to give it some humidity (as the water evaporates). 🪴
@kscape Thank you but I actually have put a humidifier in that room and keep a reader in there that tells me its always above 65% humidity. I think I will try to give it more water but when I did that a few months ago, it started getting root rot so I had to re pot it so I’m scared to water it now lol
I think it could be not enough water. Maybe get a moisture meter to be sure, I am also paranoid of overwatering after I just had fungus gnats ruin my life 🤣 it’s a delicate balance but these do like water in my experience!
Also as i know they dont like direct sunshine. I use smart pot. My money tree’s dirt is moist all the time and it doesnt take sunshine directly.
Make sure you cut off the rubber band at the bar bottom of the trunk or it will choke it to death… Also it could be just old leaves fallen off.. As long as the tunks are hard and not mushy it should be fine.. I have 6 of them and they all have different personalities lol but I agree they do love grow lights and cool running mist… Also make sure to always rotate them they like to twrill lol
They don't love direct sunlight and also are very temperamental to movement and changes
Hi! My money tree was once super healthy and I moved it 2’ away from a window…it started suffering. So I moved it 10’ away from the window and it’s thriving again!

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