Posted 1M ago by @CalmCacTina

Damaged leaves?

My monstera has been damaged in delivery, will it recover?
10ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Mine came the same way and I'm thinking that they will recover but not to the extent of "healing" them. I'm waiting on mine to recover as well. Keep us posted!
@CalmCacTina Hi Tina keep these pictures for the seller just in case something happens . Although right now your plant is stressed and needs to settle in . Also when shipping you should know this happens to us all . Just trim the damaged leaves back to make room for fresh new leaves . It’s quite the stunner you have there . Best of luck 🀞
It will be okay. Just make sure you water the soil and hove it good indirect sunlight. It looks like burn spots on the unopened leaf. You can also go to Home Depot and get a big one for $14-$15. Mine is thriving and pushing out lots of new leaves.
Yeah, Home Depot has them for like 14 or $15 and it is burn spots probably from the grower as well as they come damaged like that I’ve had it happen. I think everybody has you just cut it back and let it grow. Just make sure you take care of the soil give a good soil, decent water and it’ll it’ll repair itself, God bless
the leaves in general won’t recover but new growths will :) just monitor those damaged leaves and chop them if they turn completely brown. if that happens i’d contact the sellet