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Anyone know what these are
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@wolfwoman is right. I seem to always deal with whiteflies on my kalenchole.

If you have plants, you'll have bugs. It's best to have some insecticidal soap on hand for moments like these. I use Natria and it's gentle enough to use daily.

Natria has gotten rid of my whiteflies. I find it gentler on my plants than neem oil.
Looks like mealy bugs. You can wipe or spray them with Isopropyl Alcohol. I spray aphids too.
Looks like whiteflies to me.
Safer and bonide both make great products that will handle multiple pests. Just follow instructions and be careful not to cause more damage with the spray. Some plants can get damaged and others won’t. Some need to be rinsed with plain water after waiting about 10 min. But safer has a spray with safer poison, soap and need oil to keep them from reproducing. The systematic poison bonide makes works really good without damage to the plant if it’s a delicate one
Meant to say neem oil not need oil. Lol

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