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What soil is best?
So… my Hoya (left) I’ve had for 3 months now. Lowes for some reason double-potted it. I took it out of its decorative pot because of drainage reasons. But this plant’s soil just DOES NOT drain. I haven’t watered it in a month, and the soil on top is still wet. That’s even after leaving him outside for a day. I’m thinking of re-potting with new soil… any recommendations on what type of soil to use? I’ve had this thing 3 months and I haven’t seen ANY ounce of growth. For a while I was convinced maybe I bought a fake plant. Is that normal for this type of plant to grow slow? I’m a few months into being a plant-momma… this is all new to me. Thanks!!
A super airy mix would be great! An orchid mix would be ideal if you can get it make it an example being , orchid bark/perlite/horticultural charcoal/potting soil mix. Or anything else super chunky, you want lots of air to get to the roots if possible. If you can’t get a slotted orchid pot as well that would be awesome. (You can also just drill holes into the sides of a normal plastic pot) Don’t stress, hoyas can be notoriously slow to grow especially in the first year in a new home. If your soil is wet it may have lots a lot of roots too, these will recover quickly in the new soil. I have one Hoya in pure peat moss (I’m presuming that’s what yours is in) I have to be super light with watering 😅 that soil can hold so much water it’s insane!

The most common cause of a Hoya not growing is insufficient light. Most Hoyas prefer bright, indirect light to grow strongly. Root damage caused by poor drainage or overwatering, low humidity and fertilization issues can also stop a Hoya from growing.

I would repot it in a well draining soil and get some perlite to add to the soil to help with irrigation. I use Miracle Gro in the blue bag the keep you from over watering it and under watering it. But adding perlite will help a lot. I suggest adding a handful or two and mixing it up in the pot. I also suggest fertilizing it.

Hoyas generally love humidity. It helps them grow and promotes stronger roots. If your Hoya isn't producing and you've ruled out other issues, raising humidity may get things moving. Even species that tolerate low humidity often show their appreciation for higher levels with increased growth. I spritz mine daily sometimes twice.
@HoyaAddict I was gonna tag you on this for further advice.
I have found a lot of plants (especially from big box stores, but also nurseries) come with terrible soil. I am not sure what they use, but it's like the soil is totally dry and water runs through. Definitely repot with better soil! I have had amazing luck with hoyas over the years and found them to be pretty easy to please, so I bet just a couple tweaks and it'll take off in no time!

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