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How do I propagate a cactus pup?

My sister and I found a Rhinoceros cactus with a pup and plucked it off-- it wasn't too firmly on there, but it didn't just fall off either. Will it propagate? I already have it sitting in dry soil. #propagationstation #cactusclique
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Keep it in that dry soil in a shady place for 7 days. Then put it in partial sun, pour about 20 ml of water near the base of the pup. Keep doing it every 3 days for 6 weeks. Then water in a normal way.
I've just propagated mine. 😁
Hi Annika. So it is you the lady with a flamingo pot without drainage ðŸĪ—. I commented on that post of yours .
@SvelteKingfern Yeah, that's me! Thank you!
Does the size of the pot matter at this point? It's about a fourth of an inch or so, and I don't have any small pot. The smallest one I have is 2.5 inches!
The size of the pot always matter, because if too big then it holds water more, and this kills a succulent easy. I'm not good at inches, we have centimetres here ðŸĪ”. The pot needs to be only slightly bigger than the plant, especially for new growth - pups.
The pot where I put the pup looks bigger, but is pretty shallow, so it's all right. (picture above). If you get my grip.
@SvelteKingfern Lol, I ended up putting her in a little bottle cap so she could have drainage! Thank you!
Just set that purty boii on some dirt and leave it. If it's super dry there, maybe put a drop or 2 of water by it if it beings to look like it's drying out. I used to have thousands of these cute little buggers bc I kept accidentally knocking them off ND they would, for the most part, root instantly
Good luck with this little pup. It should grow roots soon. 👍 💚ðŸŒĩ
@KrunchyWrap @SvelteKingfern Welp, I have two of them now. I knocked one off my Bunny Ears 😭
They won't feel lonely ðŸĪĢ
@SvelteKingfern Exactly! Lol