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Is this identified correctly?
I was recently gifted this beautiful, bare-root succulent as a gift. However, Greg has identified it as an Echeveria Cubic Frost, and it looks to be something else. Anyone know what she is?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Yes! I believe it is!! And a very cool looking plant!! Echeveria 'Cubic Frost™' forms concentric rosettes of wavy, club-shaped leaves with a frosty lilac hue. The distinct leaf shape is rarely seen amongst other succulents, making 'Cubic Frost' an exceptional addition to any collection! Reaching up to 10 inches across, this variety will make a real impact as a ‘filler’ component of a mixed succulent arrangement, or as a focal point in a temperate rock garden (above Zone 10).

To retain its beautiful coloring 'Cubic Frost™' needs a lot of bright light, which it is able to tolerate well thanks to a thick coating of powdery farina on all of its leaves! Porous soil with excellent drainage, as well as thoroughly watering the soil directly (not into the rosette itself) only once it has had a chance to completely dry, will help stave off issues with rot or pests. Be sure to take extra care to avoid overwatering during the cool winter months, as cold and chronically damp soil can predispose the plant to root rot. Further, be sure to protect this incredible plant’s chubby leaves from frost in the colder winter months! Enjoy!! 💖☀️🌱
@LovingSunnyAZ thank you!!! Sounds great. 😊
@tango you are so welcome!!! 😀
@tango I agree with @LovingSunnyAZ on this 💯

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