Posted 2w ago by @AwakeLithops

A lot of leave falling off, but some new growth?
I believe it is a succulent but the app has labeled it as something that doesn’t necessarily seem accurate according to my google search.
It has been sitting in front of a window that gets some light throughout the day. I’ve been following the watering schedule. However, recently a lot of leaves keep falling off. I usually can tell which ones are dead so I just pick them off and then others fall off too. There is new growth at the top. Soooo do I just need to be gentler with the leaves and also move it to less or more sun?
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
@AwakeLithops I wish I could help. I ended up throwing mine out. The leaves kept falling off and I didn’t see any new growth. I want to get another one too. They are beautiful plants. They are more like succulents tho. I know they like bright to indirect sunlight.
My guess is a Kalanchoe pinnata, but there is a possibility that it’s some kind of Hoya.
I’m not sure this is a Florist Kalanchoe. It doesn’t look like the one I had. I also gave up on mine.

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