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Help for @AC73LoveCats She is having trouble posting her question so she had to post it as a comment. You can open the screenshot to see her entire question.
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@AC73LoveCats I hope you get the help you need!!!
@angelw1975 😊 Thank you so much, Angel!!!! That is sooo nice of you, to repost this! I am also noticing that sometimes I start writing and moving right along and I look up and see what I wrote has vanished. This happens a lot too when trying to write out a new plant’s name, it will just vanish and I have to write it a second or third time. I really really appreciate your help with this post. I hope I do get some answers because I want to save this little plant.
@AC73LoveCats since you seem unable to post about these issues, you should try emailing the Greg Team so they know about them. (:
@AC73LoveCats are you on and Android phone? It seems Android is a little glitchy right now. I tried to post a couple answered to questions yesterday but they wouldn't post despite trying 3 times to post the same question, I gave up, but yes #gregfeedback #gregteam @RJG are always right on top of this stuff.
Looking into this yall!
@PlantEsteem Could you help? know who could REALLY help ... @jcPlantProper !!!

Are the roots coming out of the bottom @AC73LoveCats ?? If the plant is already stressed you may not want to repot yet unless really needed. Also @angelw1975 or @AC73LoveCats if you could help a pic land in the comments I'm sure it will help when Janai get here πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
So sad! Wishing you the best!
Her pics
@Sassylimey OK so it isn’t just me. Thank you!
@angelw1975 Thank you so much, again! @PlantEsteem There are a couple visible roots coming out of the ball of soil but not out of the pot. The whole little body of soil can readily be picked up from the tiny pot. It is still moist. It does not appear rootbound.
@TruthfulApricot Thank you!
@AC73LoveCats keep it in its pot and try to keep it out of direct light. If there are no roots at the bottom it can stay there till spring. You could top off with fresh soil if roots are showing there. It may have been a sunburn from a story Ray or just an old leaf. Alocasia are drama queens and hate change. So any changes make minute and give at least a week to see what they will do. Humidity or #plantsauna have helped me with the curlys and crunchies. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!

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