Posted 2w ago by @user10dfc5f5

Something growing in my Chinese evergreen
There is a bunch of tiny yellow things that look like fungus sprouting from the soil in my Chinese evergreen pot. There is also a couple bigger round fuzzy yellowish things as well. Could anyone help identify it and help me figure out what to do with it?
That’s scary I don’t know what you should do
Probably that’s “Fuligo Septica”
I did some search and that’s what I found
You can remove (scraping away) it or leave it alone, Fuligo Septica will likely disappear by itself in a few days.
Or if your feel it’s messy around and won’t be easy to get it if the soil maybe you repot the plant 🪴 in fresh new soil

Take a look on YouTube with “fuligo septica” keyword I’m sure you can find some explanation
- hope someone here experienced that so will share more information 🙏🏻

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