Posted 1M ago by @Htsnyder

Has anyone tried “notching” their Fiddle Leaf Fig in an attempt to promote growth of a new branch? #FiddleLeafFig
0ft to light, direct
13” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Yes!! I haven’t had any new growth yet from it though. I did cut it back on one stem and notch on another. The one I cut back is growing amazing tho
@jcPlantProper thank you!!
Oh god…my FLF gives me enough anxiety as it is idk if I could do it hahah. Just watering it makes me fear it will throw a tantrum and drop leaves🙄😂
I have! No luck so far but she's really picky and decided to throw new leaves instead. Honestly, most my ficus only branch when I chop them. That said, none of them have been upset or anything about being notched so it's worth a try! I actually have a rubber that started and stalled a branch so I'm thinking about notching above it 🤞🏼

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