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Pink Princess Help
Can’t figure out what is happening with my pink princess the last 3 leaves that have come out are awful. One wrinkled, one dwarfed with crisp. I recently repotted and moved it’s location to a brighter spot and have a humidifier going and the 3rd leaf is a dwarf with crisp. I water it 1x per week but check it frequently to make see if it needs water sooner. If it isn’t dry I won’t water. Hoping someone can shed some light on how to fix this issue.
): I'm sorry. How long have you had the plant? It does seem like a humidity issue or possibly a humidity and lighting issue.

Time will tell if the plant is happy in its new spot with I'm the light and humidity.
I had it for a couple of months now. I have it by a bright window and a grow light on it. I had just a grow light on it before when the 1st 2 leaves came out wonky so that’s when I repotted added more moisture and moved to a bright location and the 1st new leaf came out the worst 🤦🏼‍♀️

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