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Mine is growing like crazy. Going to need a bigger pot. T...

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It's such a pretty plant!

In nature, they spread across the ground. If you do give it a trellis or pole, you'll have to continually physically put it up there.

They tend to vine and spread. (:
@RhapsodicSalsa Using a pole or trellis for your Epipremnum pinnatum, also known as Dragon's Tail, is a fantastic idea! These plants have a natural tendency to climb and vine, so providing vertical support can encourage upward growth and create a stunning display. As you repot it into a larger container, consider adding a sturdy pole or trellis for the plant to cling to as it continues to grow. Just be sure to secure the plant to the support structure as it grows to prevent it from falling or tipping over. With proper care and support, your Dragon's Tail plant can thrive and make a beautiful statement in your space.