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Is this #Anthurium a goner? I finally pulled it out of t...

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@PlantHapppy , the roots are ok. Just rinse them and check for any mushy parts. If you have any, trim them off and spritz with hydrogen peroxide. Sanitize the pot and allow it to dry. Make sure the pot is not a self watering unit and that you have a nice mix of pine bark chips, a bit of soil, and horticultural charcoal. Bottom water only to avoid gnats and don’t let it fully dry out so a sip of water every five days from the bottom will help.

If you see yellowing leaves that are falling off, you may be seeing signs of root rot. The plant will also yellow its inflorescences when they are done with them. You can deadhead them when you start seeing them yellow.

Please remember that these plants enjoy air and moisture, not to mention humidity but they do not enjoy being soaking wet, much like the Calathea. A small personal humidifier often helps keep these babies happy. Only use rain water or distilled water when you water.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Just tag me.
@PlantHapppy thanks for the tag!
@AnthuriumQueen - what do you think?
@PlantHapppy Hope you can save her! 🀞🏽
Wait, can someone explain what’s wrong? I’m new to plants
Following cuz I still can't figure out how to tell if roots are ok or not... 😩
Is anything on there mushy? It looks pretty white so I’m thinking giving it a spray down with peroxide and repot. It’s always worth a shot. You could also go ahead and cut the remaining roots off and stick her in water. I try just about anything before I give up. Good luck πŸ’šπŸŒ±
@AnthuriumQueen Thank you so much! I’ll do as you say. I moved her last night to a bathroom window for the humidity. The odd thing is the other Anthurium I have is doing okay, not sure how I messed up with this one.
@NotableKonjac and @RefreshingPuka did y'all figure out what @AnthuriumQueen and @Azplantchic were talking about?
@Azplantchic Thank you! No, only the soil right next to the stems was very wet. I’m thinking I may have possibly overwatered it. I am not giving up. πŸ˜€πŸ€žπŸΌ
@NotableKonjac Damaged roots turn black and mushy. The exterior membrane will sloth off and expose a thin string which is part of the plant’s vascular system. What we look for are these things that tell us if we have an overwatered plant that may be at death’s door. It also can show signs of fungus. When repotting, I like to look at the roots and treat them if necessary. I also like to give them a spritz of hydrogen peroxide or liquid copper fungicide. When your plant shows yellowing foliage, falling foliage, drooping foliage, it’s most likely because it’s having root issues. Not all roots will be white. As long as they are firm, they are healthy. Mushy is when you know you have to take lifesaving measures on that plant.
@AnthuriumQueen can you fill me in on the self watering pots being a no no? I've been wondering if these were a bad idea. I'm poor so I just picked up these cheap plastic ones at Walmart but I wasn't sure if that would mean that the plant was sitting in the water?

Also, straight peroxide or diluted?

What does orangish root tint mean? Ok or rot?
@NotableKonjac I don’t like these because the water remains stagnant at the bottom. It’s always being wicked upwards and watering your roots even if they don’t need it. If you use these, plant in a nursery liner and add rocks to the bottom of this self-watering unit. Set the pot on top and when you water, there’s a layer of air between the water and the soil as well as a layer of rocks. Roots can’t stay wet. They will develops a fungus and die.

I use straight hydrogen peroxide to sanitize roots.

Orange root tint means it may be developing a fungus. Spritz the roots.

Seeing your plant foliage here, give it a dose of liquid copper and spray it in the leaves. Let their dry on the leaves so it can begin to eradicate that disease at a cellular level. Make sure you don’t expose it to bright light for 4 hours after you spray the foliage with copper.

You may want to make sure you repot in frresh dry medium since there’s already bacteria or spores in the current soil. You don’t want them spread to the new soil.
@AnthuriumQueen uggg - I've seen some that are orange tint or even white where the outer layer pulls off leaving a small strand but I've also seen orange tint but the roots are hard and firm (not mushy or pulling off). And also white roots that seem ok but the plant is still struggling. I've never seen black. It's so hard for me to know if roots are ok. πŸ₯΄
@AnthuriumQueen I just bought this, how does it look to you? They are firm (not mushy) but orange. Also, is it root bound?

And what about water props getting pink roots? I change the water every 3-4 days, it's reverse osmosis water (same as what we drink)

@NotableKonjac imbit all roots will be white so don’t stress too much over it. This new plant definitely needs to be repotted into a pot that is 1 inch larger. Succulents love snug roots so I think it can wait. A healthy root system is better than a weak one any day! I would leave it in the pot if you want to wait. If you go up in pot size, use a small, long -nosed squeeze bottle to water closer to the roots than watering from below. Only water for the roots and not the extra soil. Most times, pots get deeper as they get wider so you may want to look into getting shallow terra cotta pots to stay on the safe side.
@NotableKonjac water props and air props can get pink roots. It’s no big deal. Most succulents have pink, hairline air roots when they first prop. I have a tray full of them right now and it’s ok. As for orange roots, if the water is coming out orange after you water, then you have an issue with that plant. Orange roots don’t necessarily always mean there’s a problem.
@AnthuriumQueen ok so just to clarify, the roots look ok as far as the color, correct?

I think it's in a 4 inch pot and the only pots I have rn are the 6 inch like I posted a pic of above. Would it be bad to jump to that size? It's definitely deeper than what it's in now...

Ty for your help.
@NotableKonjac They look fine. You can bump it up but don’t increase watering amount. It’ll be ok.
@AnthuriumQueen thx so much
@NotableKonjac my pleasure to assist!
@AnthuriumQueen so what causes the orange colored roots?