Posted 1M ago by @JoyousWildpansy

Why is my string of pearls so sad? She started out so ful...

0ft to light, direct
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
It very well could be the fan, try moving it out of the draft and see how she does. You could place the not so pearly stems inside the pot to see if they root and make her look fuller from the top.
I could be wrong (I'm wrong a lot) ... but those look like String of Tears which I think are SO MUCH BETTER than SOP (or #SSOP).

For me, no matter where I put my SoT inside, it became sparse on the top and focused it's grown on LONG, vining string of tears. Now that you've posted, I am going to put mine out in my greenhouse and see if I can get it to fill in on top.

I don't think the draft from the fan will do much. The fan just moves air around which is good for your plants.

Keep in mind, when you get a plant, that little plant was grown in the PERFECT conditions to make it look AMAZING enough for us to buy it and bring it home.

And we don't live in greenhouses. 😉 Maybe if you have a southern window, it'll get more light consistently. (:
Oh, and I've trimmed my string of tears and laid the cuttings back across the soil to allow them to root.

AND when you got your plant, it was a lot shorter than it is now. The plant will focus on growth closer to the top if you prune it ... but then you'd lose the length.
Thank you, all of that info is very helpful. I will trim the stringy parts and lay them back in pot. I was worried about those parts as it felt the whole thing was slowly drying up. Unfortunately I do not have a southern facing window- but will maybe move her to a different spot and see if that helps.