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Could you confirm the species of these 3 plants and help me care for them
So my mom has had these since i was 7 i am now 19 but her and my dad separated when i was 10 and the plants got left in my care I honestly dont know how they’ve gotten this far but im struggling with 2 of them ones stem can’t support the weight of its leaves and i also dont know the plants name and the other one dropped leaves so now its bald it used to be gorgeous it still is but like why’d it drop leaves out no where #help #identifymyplant
They look like dracaena to me. 1st and 3rd are corn plants. Second looks like a rainbow tree
I agree with @EagerPhlox on the first and third being Dracaenas! It also looks like there’s a pothos potted with the first one. The second one is unfamiliar to me, but I love it!
I agree they all look like various draecana. The first one's leaves and shape look just like my dracaena Lisa although I can't make out the stem in that picture to say for sure. It also looks like there's some pothos growing in it πŸ˜„ (the smaller leaves running up the right side). For the others, maybe a dracaena reflexa and a massangeana? πŸ€” If you plug them into the app as one of your plants you can see if Greg can figure out which kinds.

Not sure if there is better advice than this but my dracaena also got too tall and top heavy to support itself. I kept trying to find ways to support it by adding stakes to it's pot and propping it in corners and such but eventually decided it was a futile effort as it was just going to keep getting taller, so I researched about propagating them and now I've been slowly chopping it down smaller and making new smaller plants from it. I've been cutting a 1 - 1.5ft section off of the top of the stems (cutting between the nodes) and placing these cuttings in water until they root then planting those in a new pot. Wherever I've cut the stems on the mother plant it splits and makes new leaf growths, and when those get bushy I can cut it again and eventually the mother plant should be short enough to support itself again πŸ˜‰ at least that's my thinking. Gotta make sure to use a sterilized blade to cut and to keep the rooting water changed or you can lose the cuttings or the mother stem to bacteria/rot.

As far as the one that dropped it's leaves I'm not experienced in that area except when it comes to fiddle ferns πŸ˜… they like to drop all their leaves because they aren't happy with the amount of water/sunlight/type of sunlight, but the leaves come back if you get them what they want.
@saatwood thank you!! And yup it is a pothos its also very long my dad planted it in there it use to be way longer
@EagerPhlox thank you!! And ooo never heard of a rainbow tree imma research it
@BuoyantFord thank you for helping!! and it is indeed a pothos my dad potted it in there he cuz he thought it would be a great arrangement and i think it is the pothos is also very long and goes halfway across a door way and yeah the last one grew like a new stem and thats when all the leaves dropped
Greg labeled the third one as a blue stemmed yucca
Hmmmmm well the blue stemmed yucca is similar looking in general but I think those leaves look more like a dracaena massangeana from what little leaves you can see in the picture
@BuoyantFord To Katie, I was much less careful than you. I had a ceiling-hitting corn plant and cut it into 3 pieces, each with a growing tip. I just stuck each into a new pot with potting soil and perlite, and they rooted and started growing new plants right away. I take them outside in the summer under a porch where they don’t get direct sun, and when inside they have a spot with light but kind of low and they love that too.
@AC73LoveCats well I'm jealous of your success ^^ I'm still fairly new to propagation and have lost a lot of props πŸ˜₯ so I was too scared to go wild with the chopping. My success rate has improved lately and I've got a successful pot of the propped dracaena lisa going strong so maybe I'll throw away my inhibition and chop the momma plant down to a manageable size and prop the rest and hope for the best 🀞
That’s what I did. So now instead of one quite unwieldy ceiling-bashing plant I have three new-looking much shorter ones. They are in a row on the porch up against the brick and being tallest, middle, and shortest, they look like the happy 3 bears of planthood.

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