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Red spots on leaves

My #RubberPlant is developing these red spots on some of the leaves. I've had this plant for years and I've never seen this before. Should I be worried or do something or?
2ft to light, direct
15” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It’s a type of bacteria to prevent the infection from spreading use hydrogen peroxide wipes all over plants even roots if it’s wide spread . Best of luck with the Captain .
I believe that’s a sign of a fungus infection on rubber plants try sprinkling a little cinnamon on the soil and hydrogen peroxide these are natural anti fungal elements that won’t hurt the plant, hope this helps.
Sorry about your plant issue, Anoesh.

My rubber plant started doing this when I overwatered it. How does your soil feel?

I noticed my soil was REALLY WET and I had to take the plant and (huge) pot outside and tip it on its side. I didn't realize that the drainage holes had become clogged because it had been in there for so long!!

Another reason might be that if you've had it for a long time in the same pot, perhaps it's time for a repot. Giving the pot fresh soil about every year or two is imeraitive because when we water the plant, the water washed away some of the nutrients in the soil and they are exhausted over time.

I hope that helps! Please take me if you have any more questions. I hope you can find out what's wrong and save your plant-- it's so pretty and green!

This is my rubber plant that I nearly drowned. 🫠 It's GREAT now!
And I'm so glad you found Greg! This is the BEST place for plant help and #plantamigos
Oh oh!! AND if you are planning on removing those leaves on the top, may I suggest topping off the top? Just chopping of the tip of that stem under the leaves that are yellowing.

Chopping off the tip, or pruning, forces the growth down the stem and sometimes the plant will even produce a branch! οΏΌ