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I just received this plant but I see a lot of redness around the edges of the plant leaves and they are wilting. It seems that it may need to be repotted Any thoughts? Advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
The redness is likely part of the natural coloring of the plant, however the wilting is likely indicative of a watering issue. I would consider repotting and adjusting the watering schedule. I believe peperomia like to be on the dryer side and fully dry out between watering so the wilting could actually be over watering.
This is normal for this peperomia (red edges).
It is a ginny peperomia it is to have the red edges. It is also sometimes called a jelly peperomia
As everyone else mentioned this plant is supposed to have that coloring. From here it doesn’t necessarily look as if it needs repotting
@BoozyBillsBabe ok will do. Thanks for responding!
@AwesomePlants ok . Thanks so much I’m a little new to this!
@Dezibynature do you think I maybe should add more soil to the pot That it’s in? If you look closely at the second picture you can see that it’s not full at all to the point where it can fall out of the pot.
@Shaubplantshack thank you. Didn’t realize that and it seems to be getting more red as it supposed to!
@FancyHoupara the less light it gets it will be more colorful if it gets more light the red will fade some. Just be sure to avoid direct light 🥰
@FancyHoupara if it’s at an extremely low level then yes. Otherwise it’s probably fine.

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