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#WhatTheSuccWednesday Digest
πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hey there #GregGang,

Time to celebrate the midpoint of our week with #Succulents and #Cacti!

You know the drill.

Drop photos of anything #Succulent or #Cactus in the comments and the #SucculentSquad and #CactusClique will Like and comment on their favs.

🌟 Succulent Digest 🌟

β˜•οΈ It's always a good morning for #coffeewithsucculents and @vvvelo. The colors on you succs are splendid as always Vladimir!

πŸ“¦ Then, you gotta check out @Lumi's haul from this week. I count at least 10 new succulents! Can't wait to see them grow!

🌼 @emiliology had her amazing Rebut heliosa explode with flowers! Whatever you're doing for this little guy is working for sure!

🌸 And so did @FirBrowallia! So many #BloomingSuccs on the community right now. It must be the season πŸ’š

πŸ’€ Finally, I can't help but shoutout @KrunchyWrap when a new plant/name/pot combo drop that are this perfect. Long live Hell Raiser!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week!


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Well let’s see new growth! Flower buds! Amazing colors and this candle plant just doesn’t stop!!
Someone seems to love the sumner sun! Also, Cholla cactus new growth. My son (soon to be leaving for AZ) just returned from Joshua Tree. I’m going trailing with him to the park this winter, and the Cholla 🌡cactus garden!! πŸ€—πŸ₯°
Awww 🀩🀩🀩 Thank you @RJG
Any guess what kind of Echeveria is this?
I found some great new friends last weekend at Yaquina Nursery here in #Oregon, including a new friend for Jejy (a teensy #PachypodiumLamerei) enough cool succulents to fill a #strawberrypot, a little cactus, a zebra baby-having-babies, and some fascinating rosettes!
Here is the strawberry pot progress! And also, though Jejy’s new baby leaves were downright traumatized by my zealous sun placement, they are very happy under the light now. Happy day! (FYI, Jejy’s a #pachypodiumgeayi not a lamerei πŸ˜†)
@vvvelo those leaves are so big. Kinda looks like one I got from @AnthuriumQueen but also is in the #UnknownSuccs category
@PColasanti like mine!
@SwiftMedeola OMG this is absolutely breathtaking
I got last week’s #PlantMail potted on Monday.
I also got last week’s nursery buy and gift from a friend potted on Monday.
@SwiftMedeola wow that doesn’t even look real with the flowers all perfect like that. That could be a show cactus looking like that.
About to get a new flower. And the airocarpus is slowly growing the new leaves in. Crazy how slow they grow but I like the slow growers
Stray cats knocked this one down to the first floor and it killed the new growth but now there’s two new heads growing in
@RJG I found this euphorbia knuthii yesterday locally. It’s pretty big and it was cheap so I had to get it. I don’t know if it’s one big one or multiple smaller ones. Have to dig it up to see if there’s one big caudex or multiple caudex hiding under the soil. I have never seen one this size for sale and $26 sounded too cheap to pass up. They only had this one.
@WiseDidelta I love your succulent pots!
@SwiftMedeola absolutely beautiful πŸ¦‹
@vvvelo Ghost
First two pics are not my plants but they are amazing!!! They’re at a restaurant I went to for lunch. Last one is my sweet Graptoveria Titubans Variegata. I love the difference in coloring!
@PColasanti cool idea! I’m going to do this! Big Lots have these for about $4.99
@SuperblyLilac do you mean Ghost Echeveria? Because this is definitely an Echeveria, I just do not know what kind of
@SwiftMedeola I think your cactus is a parodia because the flowers are way too big to be a mammillaria normally. It does look a lot like a couple of my nammillaria but it’s the flowers that make me think it’s a parodia of some type
@Roserade wow that cholla looks so pretty. Worse one to get poked by but that looks awesome
@Roserade that’s a good plant to put in front of your windows at home for security and to look nice. Nobody wants to climb over one of those.
@vvvelo sorry, it’s a Pearl…
@SirLiquorice or under a teenagers window 😱🀣🀣
Won this one in a live instagram auction while I was shopping in H‑E‑B and walking around the store. πŸ˜‚ I didn’t expect to win because so many people were bidding and making everything expensive. I just bid $10 and threw in a $20 safety bid. Have to bid in $5 increments at least and the only other bid was $16 which isn’t a valid bid, so I got it for $10. I think that was the cheapest plant of the auction. And it arrived fast. It wasn’t the one I really wanted the most but I like mammillarias so I’m still happy.
@Roserade yep exactly. Nobody will be sneaking in or out. And they’ll be picking glochids and spines out of their skin and clothes forever if they do try it.
@Roserade I also don’t normally get to see the chollas when they are blooming and growing fruit like that. Could get the seeds out of the fruit to grow more. I’d almost be tempted to ask them for a cutting or seeds.
@SuperblyLilac tbh it does not look like pearl. Pearl Ech. Looks identical to Echeveria PVN except it is green.
I had to rearrange this area and it’s still a mess but I bought and built this two story cat box condo for the #CommunityCatFerns . It was only $9.99 at Ollie’s so I had to get it. Seems pretty solid so it might last for awhile. The kittens definitely like it. Perfect cat toy. Cardboard boxes. Especially with this scratchy floor on both levels that they always like. The little fighter went to the store with me when I got it. It was her first time in a store. She was well behaved and stayed in her seat in the cart the entire time.
Actually I bought them and put my SUCCULENTS in them πŸ₯°
@RJG , thank you!
@YammieOf3 , thanks so much!
@SirLiquorice , that means so much, coming from an expert, such as yourself 😊
@SuperblyLilac , thank you πŸ€—
@SirLiquorice , whatever you say, I believe you!! πŸ€“πŸ˜Š
Sorry can’t find one. At my grandma’s house
Plant mail arrived just in time for #WhatTheSuccWednesday! Thank you so much @vvvelo these guys are stunning 😍 😍😍😍!!!!
@ESylvanus Succulents make people happy! 🀩 1-Echeveria Ana Lu, 2- Sedum shooting stars. I did not have bigger box, otherwise I would add more succulents for you .
@vvvelo They do indeed! And these are spectacular!! Thank you for sharing a piece of your incredible collection!
@vvvelo @RJG is it not a PVN?
I am so loving this time of year.
@SirLiquorice ahhhhh! I may just do that!
@SuperblyLilac Yes! Do itβ€” it will be exciting to see if they take off!
@WiseDidelta I have a succulent cocktail too! Cheers πŸ₯‚
@YammieOf3 , all so beautiful…..Color!!!🌈
Flowers just opened today on my Cotyledon Pendens. 🧑
@Hypsie, πŸ€—
@Boymom-plantmom I think thats an Ech. Lola
@Hypsie that’s what I always thought until I saw hers looking so similar! Ty:))
@RJG my succulents and I appreciate the mention ☺️
@Roserade if they let you take a cutting make sure to bring tongs or something and a knife. Those chollas are awful to try to handle. Tongs are pretty much required to hold the cutting
@Boymom-plantmom it does not really look like PVN. But I would water it and then check how it looks. This could be PVN
Many thanks to @AnthuriumQueen and @SirLiquorice for enabling me to buy this gem. #AylosteraNarvaecense I can’t take credit for the blooms, it arrived yesterday. #PlantMail #NewPlant #CactusClique
HAppy #WhatTheSuccWednesday !! Love all these plants btw one of my succulents blossoming I recieved this one for Mother’s Day
This one
@PlantznBirdz awesome!!!!! You’ll love that cactus. It’s one of the best I’ve ever owned. They just started stocking them at the local rainbow garden nursery even. They must have realized that it’s one they should have been stocking this entire time since it flowers so much.
@PlantznBirdz just give it good light and don’t water too often and that’s about it. Mine even survived very cold freezing temperatures and it didn’t even effect it at all. Still be careful of freezing wind. But mine handled it without any issues while others froze half to death or died
A Mother’s Day gift I put together