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What happens if you touch the skin of the aloeVera plan

2” pot with drainage
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I don’t think anything happens as long as you are not squishing it or rough with it. It you can touch it. I do. I squeeze it just very gently to see how firm the leaves are to see how the health of my plant is. It got a little soft when I over or underwater.
Nothing. (: It feels like a snake. πŸ˜†
My kiddo breaks off the stems, squished out the insides, and wipes it on her face.

Back in the day, a lot of folks had an aloe in their kitchens -- the inside of the plant is very cooling and is good for minor burns.
Ok thank you it said it was toxic to humans to so. I didn't know that. and I touched it
It's only toxic if you eat it for several days in a row. It can cause kidney damage.