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Tomato Plant

How do I make him happier? He keeps blooming flowers and even has a tomato but he’s very droopy. I gave him a bigger pot than I got him in, he’s in a well draining soil, gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight everyday and gets watered every few days.
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8” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
He's probably wilting from the heat, I would recommend putting him in a place that gets direct sunlight in the morning and the evening but not midday because it's so hot. I had this issue with my tomatoes, and they perked up after not being left in direct sun in the hottest parts of the day
I agree with @MadforPlants
@MadforPlants awesome! Is in the shade alright you think? Still outside
@robbi_rose, that should work! I think just as long as it's outside, it should be fine
Tomatoes need direct sunlight, but of course too strong can be wilting. We water ours daily unless it rains, and have them growing outside in the veg garden. The sunlight here is perfect and they get it most of the day. However, we live in Ohio. I remember when I lived in Texas, there were 2 tomato seasons, spring and fall, because the summers were too hot.
Might want to give them a a little more shade because mine did that exact same thing and I moved it to where it gets like 2 to sunset sunlight