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What’s going on with my jellybean plant?
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@FirstCanna In general I’d say that this is under watering.
I'm not sure but from the picture it looks like it's a little too wet. I would let it dry out completely before watering again.
The succulent experts may give you more info @vvvelo @SirLiquorice
@FirstCanna it’s hard to tell because it’s under a grow light. But I agree with @Sassylimey it’s looks a bit too wet.
I agree with Sara and @KikiGoldblatt . It is hard to tell but it maybe too wet or too dry now. And this grow light does not do good job for succulents. It need more white light than blue
@vvvelo the light is actually white when you look at it not blue…
@FirstCanna could you post pic without this light please
@vvvelo it’s so pitiful looking my heart is breaking 💔
@vvvelo it’s getting worse… and the soil feels dry…
@FirstCanna how long it was sitting under that blue growlight?
Maybe 10 minutes @vvvelo it’s my hydroponic planter not a grow light by the way…
@FirstCanna I would dig it out of the soil. Wash off all soil from the roots and then inspect the roots.
@FirstCanna I mean in general for how many months you were using this grow light for this plant..?
@vvvelo I just received the plant yesterday… I don’t know what was done to it before then…
@FirstCanna Ok, if the roots look ok for you then, just put it back into dry soil. Then wait 3 days and give the plant a good soak in water.
@vvvelo ok thank you
I’d say it is probably dehydrated after the trip from the nursery to you.
@vvvelo doing a science experiment
@vvvelo definitely dehydrated… the stem I put in water came back within seconds…
@FirstCanna oh cool. I’ve read recently that it is better to water succulents the day after you receive them in the mail.

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