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Another yellowing bamboo stalk
Just wondering, I just noticed this a few days ago but then I realized that Iris needs distilled water. Is this the reason she’s yellowing or is is something else? Is it salvageable? This plant is very dear to me and I can’t lose this one. The leaves are yellowing as well. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #LuckyBamboo #NewPlantMom #
4” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
I used to have these plants years ago and I definitely never used distilled water. That being said it definitely can't hurt. But I also learned after the fact that the cut tops should never get wet that it can cause them to rot. So that might have happened to a few of mine. I'm only sharing in case you didn't know either! Beyond that I don't know much but maybe someone else would have insight!
@Leyleaves Thanks! I think it’ll be okay 😊
@Rintintrinn It looks really healthy otherwise! But I do know the emotional attachment to certain plants! I'm in that constant struggle with my dear money tree that was gifted to me by my Mom. ❤️
@Leyleaves Yeah it was given to me by my art teacher who retired this past school year and she’s a real big inspiration to the kind of person I want to be. She’s amazing and she gave me this plant 😊❤️
@Rintintrinn Awww! ❤️ That's really sweet! I think it's not uncommon to lose some stalks. Hopefully distilled will help!
I notice it says “no drainage” - that’s typically no good :/
@Rintintrinn perhaps you could cut off the yellow part and she may produce more growth from that node below the yellow part.
Mine has always been in gravel and water, once in a while I'll take her out and clean her up, check the roots and rinse off the gravel. I have been giving mine rain water and she's quite happy, she's on a shelf beside and eastern facing window 👍🥰🌿
I always cut the yellow off so it doesn’t infect the others nearby. When I had bamboo it lives in my fish tank fully submerged and did great.
@Leyleaves I’ve had mine couple yrs and just use tap water that sets for a week Plus I add water when needed Never needs water every week

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