Posted 3w ago by @Mori

Huge spider plant offshoot
My spider plant has been producing babies like crazy over the year, but I’ve noticed on one side there just this MONSTER who seems to be five or six babies who have grown to be one huge plant.

Do I snip him and try to propagate? Do I just leave him to become a huge boi? How would I even begin rooting something this gigantic?

I’ve included a picture of his crazy underside with all the nodes.
10ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I guess you could go either way. If you propagate you would have a beautiful new plant.
I agree with @Pegster, you could do either!

If you decide to pot it I'd say try to pick one direction to be the "top" and clip any leaves not going that direction so the roots can be in the soil. You could try cutting apart the root ball if you can tell where a plant is (approximately) but I am not sure if that works for spiders. I usually find them pretty hardy so I wouldn't be afraid to try!
I what I have done in the past is take paper clips, unfold them and bend the babies into the soil and hold them with the paper clips until they take root. It really works and the paper clips will not harm the plants either

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