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What you talkin' bout Willis? Help
This is like stupid stupid new and sudden. His leaves are blotchy qnd see through like some chemical got on it and thinned it out. It literally check on him every other day and this seriously just popped up put of now where even on the new leave that STILL hasn't fully finished uncurling. #happyplants #notsohappyplants #elephantear #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #plantmafia #greggang #gregteam #krunchytime #plantshelfie #outdoorgrowing
OMG. It looks like either a sunburn or some sort of disease… You might have to do some research 😱
@fabiana uggghhhh noooo I'd rather it be sun burn than a disease though . Has me worried bx my banana tree is acting out too but theh are they only ones
I agree looks like sunburn πŸ₯΅
@HoyaAddict banana tree too? Crazy, I actually mentioned to someone earlier today that it was a heavy type of hot today with little humidity. Well hot damn it that is super duper lame.
There are several things that could cause your leaves to become transparent. It could be the heat. Here's an article that may help you.
I think it’s brown spot.
I agree it looks like sunburn.

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