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How do I know when lithops go dormant?
This is my first #Lithops and it’s so different than all of my other plants, so I want to make sure I’m taking care of it correctly. I’ve read a few articles online that say to stop watering during the summer when they go dormant, but I have no experience with this, so I don’t know what to look for. How do I know when to water lithops? Any advice at all would be incredible, thank you!
2ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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I’ve only had mine since October, but I’ve researched it a bit to prepare. In late winter/early spring, they should split, and you can’t water them while they are splitting. You can’t resume watering until the old leaf pair is dried up like paper. Once that is complete, you can start watering again. An important thing I learned is that if nighttime temps are not under 68 degrees, your Lithops will not absorb the water you give them. In my experience so far, nighttime temps in the 50s are even better. In summer, when nighttime temps reach 75 degrees or above, the Lithops go thru a dormant phase, and you stop watering until autumn. In autumn, they will flower if old enough, and during this time they needed regular watering until about mid November. At that point, they will be reaching splitting stage again. So really you water mostly in the spring and autumn. If you repot them, you must water a couple of times no matter the season, to encourage new roots to grow. Because they are CAM metabolizers, the night temp thing is huge, and my plants were much healthier once I learned about that. They need lots of bright light to prevent etoliation. They also need to be planted in 90% mineral grit, like finely crushed pumice, and 10% organic soil, to prevent moisture hanging around too long. These guys are so particular, but I think they’re totally worth the effort because they are the CUTEST plants ever! ☺️
@Jana85 oh my gosh you are AMAZING! thank you SO much for taking the time to write that out and share all that info with me, I really appreciate it! this is so helpful — especially your note about the night temps, too. thanks a billion 🙏

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