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Want to join in on #TinyTuesday ?!
Let’s start something new! On #TinyTuesday we can spotlight some of our tiny plants, props, or smaller accomplishments that we are proud of! To get the ball rolling I’m sharing my smallest plants! A new #StringOfHearts, a small but mighty #SnakePlant and some #Succs that are popping up in my cactus pot! #PLANTMAFIA #HappyPlants
@RJG what’s your #TinyTuesday celebration!?
4ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
how's this for our first #TinyTuesday ?
@RJG PERFECT! Such a cute smol growth
my jewels are also varying levels of Tiny!
Rehab orchid from dad, my Hoya curtisii’s new leaves and my new Hoya from my trip with my dad nursery hopping in Miami πŸ₯Ί
we also have the lovely #CactusClique and #SucculentSquad nursery
cant leave out the #HoyaHangout
@RJG the Jewels of #OrchidOrg
These are my smallest plants! I’m really excited that the oak leaf creeping fig is starting to come back. Most of it died off after shipping, and I have a terrible tie keeping them alive anyway, so I’m totally counting him as a win! The teeny tiny pinguicula was a pup off the only-slightly-larger one πŸ˜‚
I can join the #smolsucculent squad with my tiniest bebe in a tiniest pot who lost her motherleaf too young but is still hanging on for leaf.
More entries in the #smolsucculent squad. The second is a succ who lost all his leaves but has new life (between the hearts.) Harley joined in for scale.
@Hypsie I love this!!
bb Howie! 😍
It baby
@Curry smol boi
Here are two of my tiniest plants!!
Some tiny succulent leafed have sprouted!!!
@PinguDog how exciting!!
Sansebmvieria and gollum
These little ones are my fave #TinyTuesday
Though it's's my tiny pothos leaf!
the camera seems to love focusing on the dust rather than the leaf...
Plenty of micro plants here, but I don’t think I have anything tinier than those newborn furry spheres ;-) #TinyTuesday
Tiny new leaves. (Pen for size reference) #ficusBenjamin grey nyc morning, thanks for the green!
Look at this tiny little succulent mix my friend made for me for my birthday. It’s so adorableοΏΌ.
@Hypsie so cute!!
#TinyTuesday 😊🌱
@00Severijn That pot πŸ’œ πŸ’© 🌊
@Hypsie πŸ˜‰ simply the best
@00Severijn Better than all the rest
My baby African violet that I propagated last year is really thriving now in fresh soil without the mother leaf. She's small but flourishing!
@00Severijn I peeked your wall. I love your macrame hanger with the stone! Is that sodalite? Great way to incorporate a Crystal in a hanger!
@Leyleaves which one πŸ‘€
@RJG Sorry the app glitched and showed yours as someone else's but the small new blooms on yours are still the cutest tinies!
@Hyspie the teapot pot is just the cutest tiny pot I've ever seen! 😍
@Leyleaves Thank you! Thrift store find
Eeeeek it’s not Tuesday anymore but I’m so here for this. I will be ready next week!!
hi b you need this?
My teeniest little baby pot of pickles.
I didn't see this post but I'll post here too!

This is my little Mochi duder planted in a little flamingo planter. πŸ₯°

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