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How often do you fertilize your dwarf lime tree during gr...

15” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I don't trust Greg's reminder. It's not accurate. Once a month if it is in new soil. Once every 2 weeks if the soil is very old soil.
@SpiffyGonolobus that sounds like a lot more than what’s instructed. Won’t I burn the roots if I fertilize too often?
@KindCineraria a lot of people thought fruit trees needed a lot of fertilizer to grow better fruits, that's actually wrong. Over-fertilizing is actually bad for the tree. Whether the fruits are tasty or not is depending on the plant's gene as well as the soil it is growing in, but under fertilizing definitely can affect the fruits as well. Most fruit trees need regularly watering for juicier fruits, or else the fruits will be less juicy, but don't over water it as well.