Posted 1Y ago by @Ratshell

So I just bought this plant and I think it could have mealybugs. Can I put the isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle or do I have to use qtips? Also, how often do I have to treat it?
Can you send a pic so we can confirm for you?
I would recommend using cotton balls or something, you want to wipe the mealy bugs off the plant not just kill them
I put the alcohol in an eye dropper. I made sure to wipe the plant down afterwards.
@BoozyBillsBabe sorry the picture is a little bad I was trying to not get my hand eaten by whatever that is
qtips would be better i think, so you don’t get any dead bugs left on your plant lol. maybe you could also try diatomaceous earth? i’ve heard good things about that
As everyone has said above. Qtip dripped into isopropyl alcohol and touch that onto the bugs. Check in the petiole and any crevices as they like to hide as well.