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Black Prince Needs Help
I have an echeveria black prince succulent and some of its leaves are turning red and curling up! Soil is totally dry so overwatering isn’t the problem. What’s going on?
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I don’t have much experience with black princes but you could try making sure the soil isn’t over packed. If it’s too compressed together it can cause nutritional problems for most plants.. but that may not be the issue, I hope you find out how you can save him!!❤️
Echeveria aka as messy plant. This plant likes to loose bottom leaves 🍃 and make a mess around it 🫣😁😁 I’d say your plant doesn’t like something. Maybe you changed its location or watering routine. Or the amount of light has changed. I have the same with my Vera Higgins… it just drops bottom leaves.
I have one in a similar way but I checked it and there is a ton of new growth in the center. If you poke the middle and it’s all firm, it’s just discarding what it doesn’t need. See all the green in the center? Might be a flower! At the bottom of the pic is a leaf that I just left there and it’s bigger and grown into the dirt than ones I’m trying to propagate!
Depending on your watering routine, it seems like the plant was in need of nourishment, needed water so it took it from its supply of leaves. Could be one of many factors but it seems like it was thirsty and took a drink from itself.
@Succulents4eva Thank you!!! The root ball was super tight so I loosened it and put it back in the soil. Hopefully it helps!
@vvvelo yeah all my downstairs windows face north, which is tricky for sun-loving plants 😅 I’ll try to shift it so it gets a bit more light in the morning
@Yeeha234 ooh exciting! Yeah the inner part is firm and green and looks pretty plump. Could be a good sign?
@PlantAddicted That’s definitely possible, I’ve been erring on the side of overly cautious with watering my succulents so it’s possible it was a bit thirsty
@emwu9912 most definitely a smart move and I can tell by the soil and root system that it is well taken care of. The thing about succulents is that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing when they do that. It’s a way for them to take care of themselves in harsh environments, i.e. when it’s good weather store water, when it’s bad use water reservoirs. Just the balance of nature. We strive to replicate the perfect environment so it may thrive and the plant gives information on if what we are doing is correct. Thankfully succulents give a huge buffer room for mistake because of these natural reserves and the fact they survive in such harsh conditions, they’re one of the amazing things of nature.

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