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Why is my TI plant turning brown?
We got this plant looking great but the first thing I did was repot it in a slightly smaller pot. Soon after brown tips started show and it’s only gotten worse. It gets some direct sunlight in the morning then a lot of indirect light during the day. I water it every 7 days like the app suggest and about 3 weeks ago, I bought plant food. I was even spraying water on the leaves since I read there may not be enough humidity since it’s been a pretty cold spring in Chicago.
Did the pot size being a bit smaller hurt?
Too much water?
Too much sun or not enough?

Please advise with any input. Thanks!
2ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I don't know if the roots were disturbed too much and have adversely affected the plant or (what I think may have a greater effect) the plant is not getting enough sun.

My Ti was always a little sparse and browned easily - then I put it outside! It's been an amazing difference!

Honestly, I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before I started hauling mine outside for the spring, summer, and fall.
Oh, and mine sits on a west-facing balcony in full sun. Once the temperature stops dropping below 50° at night, out it goes! I water it when the soil is dry ... or I record a water when it rains. 😁
Thanks. I’ll put outside when it’s not threatening to snow 😁
Hey @DeftLantana! Another note about Ti plants… they’re highly sensitive to fluoride in tap water. So if that’s what you’ve been watering with, switch to distilled. I learned this the hard way 😬

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