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Blackened leaves?

I got a new plant in the mail the other day, and the backs of the leaves have some black mottling? I don't think this is an overwatering issue, but I'm not sure what it could be. Should these leaves be removed?
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Well from what I've experienced and what a friend who is really knowledgeable about these, its basically bruising. These guys bruise quick and easy. Nothing to be alarmed over just be careful. My friend refuses to sell them anymore bc they bruise so bad even over the smallest of bumps (customers always want replacement or refund bc of the eye sore)
Hmmm, πŸ€” it could just be damage from being shipped. Maybe exposed to some excessive heat along the way πŸ₯΅? I’m no expert on succulents so I’m going to include a couple who are πŸ‘ @vvvelo @KrunchyWrap
Oh and also @Propa She’s got a πŸ’© ton of succ’s! πŸ‘
I will be very interested to see what they have to say. I have a watermelon peperomis that has the same thing going on. It has spread to almost the entire plant. I have tried treating it for brown spots, black spots, and fungus. Initially, I thought it was overwatering, but it just kept coming. Hope you have better luck with your plants. I never give up and still have the plant.
@incognico I’ve read recently that this is a sign of extreme heat. So, I guess this is it.
@incognico congrats on the new plant, but sorry to hear about those blackened leaves! Black mottling on the back of the leaves can be a sign of trouble, but let's rule out some stuff first. You're right, overwatering is a common cause of leaf issues in succulents, but you said you're on top of that, so we'll explore other possibilities.

Check these tips to troubleshoot the situation:

Sunburn, Baby: Succulents love the sun, but they can get sunburned too, especially if they're used to less light. Check if your new buddy is gettin' blasted by direct sunlight, and if so, move 'em to a spot with some more filtered light.
Chill Zone: Extreme temperature swings can mess with your succulent's vibes. Keep 'em away from cold drafts and super hot spots like heaters.
pest control: Those sneaky pests can cause mottling too. Check closely for any invaders like mealybugs or aphids, and deal with them pronto.
Water Check: Even if you're careful with watering, it's worth double-checking the soil. Make sure it's dry an inch or so down before you water again. Succulents like a little drying out between drinks.
Prune and Tune: If the blackened leaves are beyond help, it's best to trim 'em off. This'll stop any potential spreading of issues and focus your plant's energy on healthy growth.
Remember, succulents are pretty tough cookies, so they can bounce back with some TLC. Keep an eye on 'em, stay patient, and give 'em a chance to adjust to their new home.

Oh, and one last thing: don't panic! Plant parenthood has its ups and downs, but we got your back. Keep spreadin' those good plant vibes, and your succulent will be back in the green game in no time! 🌡πŸ’ͺ
Aeonium are dormant in the Summer. Keep them in low light, water maybe once a month, and be patient because they can drop leaves, look like they are dying, and bounce back cone Autumn to look like nothing happened in Winter. Mine were watered two days ago, they stay in northern light, indoors where they are in their ideal temperatures and will have to wait another month before being watered. This isn’t their season so you may be overwatering and inducing rot if you aren’t aware of their needs right now. @incognico
@JungleDreamer thank you for such a detailed post! As i said, i dont think its overwatering as ive had this plant a short time and it has not been watered in my care, nor has it been placed into bright light (my windows are south facing!) Of course, I cant speak for the care it received before arriving with me! I also couldn't see any signs of any pests, so I think my main concerns were of fungal/bacteria issues