Posted 2w ago by @ModernBlackpine

Hello everyone, should I trim these guys or let’em grow ?

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#2 look awesome and fine for me. I’d keep it as is. #1 is ok too, but since those are hens n chicks they produce babies and can be easily separated
So beautiful
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You can trim the flowers because they take up energy and I would definitely trim the elephant bush when I trim mine their is like two new stems coming out of the side that you trim
Oh and I forgot to say the trimed peaces remove the bottom 4-6 leaves and throw them in the pot or in a new pot with some soil and maybe they will root and make a fuller plant or new plant and for the stem literally stick it deep in the soil but only cover the stem they might root too and then make a fuller/new plant
@Imissmydeaddog Thank you I appreciate you!
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