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All my new plants are outside but under a shaded patio. I...

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Dracaenas are resilient but if you’re going to leave them outside in the heat, you should probably mist them daily or bring them in.
Thank you. It’s not brutal hot yet.
Shade is good, especially if there's air flow. I have a lot of succulents under cover, and the rest are under a shade cloth for the really hot days.

Side note, I would definitely split up that arrangement and repot into separate containers.
@EquableBearcorn I'm in southern Oklahoma (on lake Texoma) and I leave my snake plant outside all summer. He is, however, shaded in the afternoon. The entire arrangement with your snake plant will be fine outside this summer. You may want to find a spot where they do get some direct sunlight in the morning and have shade during the hottest part of the day.
Hope this helps and Good Luck πŸ€
Thank you! I got all these plants as a birthday/ housewarming gift and that huge arrangement is so beautiful but I’m from NYC and I have NO idea how to keep anything alive. I was wondering what to do since it was hard to identify for this app since there like 5 or so different plants in one. I was thinking maybe a wash tub type of thing to just spread them out more but do you think they should all get a separate pot for each plant type?
@chloe i live in phoenix AZ and I have a tiny snake plant outside and also moonshine snake plant outside (we are up to 106 so far) and I just water them every 2 days. But that’s just me and mine.
Thank you. This is all very helpful. Thanks. I’ve never had a plant not even a succulent that I haven’t killed in a week. The fact that I have 4 plants for 2 months is a miracle. Lol
@EquableBearcorn you can separate all the plants or leave it as is. It should last a little while longer. However, they are very crammed in there so I'm going to guess there's probably not enough room for all their roots. If it was me, I'd separate them. You can do another arrangement but in something bigger or make it into a few arrangements or pot them all up individually. It's really up to you and what you like. The possibilities are endless!
@EquableBearcorn you have a ton of different succulents in the arrangement. I have Feelings about these: the plants are often doomed to fail because their growing needs are different. For example, sedum is a fast growing succulent that will out compete the Echeveria and snake plant. Sedums also tend to like full sun, whereas most Echeveria prefer partial sun (direct AM light and afternoon shade). Plus the soil is usually moisture retentive, which succulents do not like.
@EquableBearcorn ditto what Charlie @Charli3Plant said πŸ‘†πŸΌ