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Very sad arrowhead plant I inherited, what to do?
I was going to give this plant a haircut because it’s very leggy but I feel like I’ll have to cut almost the whole thing to make it look normal again. Thoughts? #PlantAddict #Synogonium #PLANTMAFIA
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Pack your patience. You want to give it a good month to acclimate first; give it a good chance at life. Maybe it'll perk up!

Just make sure the soil wasn't too wet. Syngoniums are super easy to propagate in water so if there's root damage, and your plant isn't perking up, you can chop everything off and put it in water. And you'll have new roots!

Edit- thanks for the tag @Shaubplantshack - I didn't even see her post!
Oh no! @KikiGoldblatt @sarahsalith can you help?
@sarahsalith you’re the best Sarah, thank you!
@sarahsalith you’re super helpful! Thank you very much 💚
@goblinbabe @sarahsalith is 💯 correct. I was going to say the same thing. Great job Queen.

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