Posted 5M ago by @OkayBloomer

My Elephant Ear Zebra is yellowing and drooping and I’m not too sure on what the exact issue is
I has been yellowing on the edges of the leaves since I got it but recently it has started to spread throughout the smaller leaves and caused the stems to droop and discolour. Does anyone have any advice?
5ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Omg I'm going through the same thing 😭
I just moved mine from soil to leca, so it could be transplant shock. Did you recently repot it? If not, I'm not sure what it can be. Super interested in an update if you find out the reason πŸ€“
This is somewhat normal! It’s hard to tell from the photos if it’s just old leaves, but Alocasias can only support a few leaves at a time. As new ones emerge, older ones will retire. As long as the new growth looks healthy, you’re in good shape.
They love light! And to be rotated. It is normal like @Kiersten says, for them to have 3-4 leaves at a time.
Are the smaller ones on the bottom the ones it will retire vs bigger ones at the top? Mine went yellow within 2 days on 3 small bottom leaves but big one is unfurling on top. It was a bit dry so I watered it yesterday but I wouldn't think I'd lose 3 leaves that fast.

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