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my calathea’s acting up again
not my first time posting about my beautiful calathea but she’s acting up again and she doesn’t seem to get better so i need you guys’ help 🙏 she still has brown spots over the edges of all her leaves and some of them begin to have holes through them… also as you can see in the pictures, her leaves look like they are scratched or dirty or something. if you have an idea about what to do, i would be so grateful !!! thanks a lot 🪴
looks like sun burn to me?
@alissang she is currently 3m from a window, should i move her even more?
@thefluffygarden i would move her even more. How’s the temperature at your location right now? I put mind 6ft away from the window. As long as she gets indirect light it should be good, no need to give her lots of light
@alissang ok great, and it’s currently pretty hot these days (around like 20 to 25-30) on a sunny day.
@thefluffygarden You want to keep temperature from 65-75 F for her. And misting 4 times a week (fine misting).
@alissang she is currently in “front” of the window but 3m away, would it be better if i moved her more on the side of my room on this desk for example so that she’s not directly getting sun? or would that be too close still?
@alissang i also have her setup on a humidity tray!
@thefluffygarden that’s good, and maybe put her here? so she can get a little light? you can also check her leaves and see if it’s warm in the morning when the sun is out. If it is, then move her more but if it’s cool then she’s good!
@alissang ok that’s great, i’ll try that!! thank you so much:)
@thefluffygarden no problem! And also the damaged leaves won’t “heal” themselves so you can either trim the dark edges or cut of the leaves if you want to. Update if she gets better!
@alissang ok so trim the edges to make it round again and the ones that are too damaged i just trim them completely?
I agree the lighting is the trick with these guys. If you have a north facing window, consider moving her there. All my calatheas are growing vigorously right next to north-facing windows. They also seem to love our sky light (bright but never gets direct light).
@thefluffygarden yea! You dont have to if you dont want to. They wont damage the other leaves.
@DrJen ok awesome, she’s in a south facing one at the moment so it probably doesn’t help

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