Posted 3M ago by @ashleybaggins

Help! What’s happening. I got this plant a week ago and r...

5ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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@ashleybaggins Hi Ashley, that is such a pretty begonia. It sounds like you are watering properly. Be careful not to overwater though. When the top 1-2” dry give her some more. Upon a repot, I like to water around the edge or rim of the pot to encourage those roots to spread out & search for their drink. If you have a window to let her receive some indirect sunshine, I bet she will perk up. After the repot, I feel plants do better with natural light. She can eventually go back to the grow light but for the transition, she would do much better by a window. Please keep us updated with her progress. πŸ’šπŸͺ΄
Is she getting enough sunlight and water?! Usually drooping means she needs watered
Mine like humidity an to stay slightly moist but not really wet. They do not like to dry out. Fittonias are not the only drama uqeens out there. I have so many that like the drama just as much! 🀣🀣
@WholeTallsedge thanks! I watered her the other day but the soil was dry so I watered again. No sunlight, just a few hours a day under a grow light this week
It could just be shock from repotting (for example, my Oxalis threw an absolute FIT when I repotted her a week ago! Lol but after a week under a grow light and careful monitoring she's starting to come out of her sulk! Lol). They can be real drama queens... But keeping her hydrated (I mist mine so as to avoid over watering and good light and I'm sure she'll be fine! Xx
Might need water