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Any advise on growing herbs?
Hey y’all! So Tuesday I planted some seeds for 6 different herbs (Basil, dill, mustard, oregano, chives and parsley). I have zero experience with growing my own herbs and I want my babies to thrive!
Give me your best do’s and don’ts when it comes to growing Herbs
Thank you In advance 💕
I had some basil in a windowsill but had AC blowing on them. It hated that and died! The cold condensation I think messed it up!

I grew some from seed and it’s THRIVING outside. I mist it in the morning with a spray bottle :)
@UnharmedWeed Thank you!
my basil is doing AWESOME outside! i think outside is best for herbs.
@newpoort I’ll probably place her outside when she gets a little bigger ☺️ Thank you!

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