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What to do after planting my pothos propagations in soil?
Hey #GregFam

I propagated my pothos for the first time in water and then moved them to soil about a week ago. Well…. I’ve been watering them steadily every 1-2 days with warm water and I see absolutely no growth - It’s been 7 days! Any advice on how to help my babies grow?

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Just give it some time! It’ll be working on roots first, then start to push out new leaves. After this week you can cut back some on the water, too, it should be acclimated to the soil soon.
Specifically watering. Should I water more or less often?
Agree with @Mrsjenger @fabiana Pothos are fast growers once they mature, but when they’re transplanted from water to soil, it’ll take them a couple of weeks for them to adapt to their new medium. Wait a few weeks and you should start seeing new growth 😊🌿
@kscape Oh okay! So it looks like I’m on the right track 😅
Thank you! @kscape @Mrsjenger
@fabiana I agree with @Mrsjenger Pothos are fast growers and hardy plants. They are one of my favorite plants 🌱
@KikiGoldblatt Me too I love pothos & philodendrons!
I have a well rooted philodendron leaf I have had planted 2.5 months. The leaf is healthy just lovely but has not a sign of growing or dying. Lol
@user59316964 Oh boy I don’t have the patience 🤣

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