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Random mushrooms

Can anyone tell me what these bright yellow mushrooms are?

I got the plant shipped to me from a native Australian food company and we do not have mushrooms like this locally growing #helpneeded #mushrooms #raspberry
16” pot with drainage
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Was just talking to someone else on here about this earlier lol
I’m not entirely sure, but they could be there to basically eat dead organisms. My suggestion is to kill/pull them from the ground, but don’t try this until someone with more experience has confirmed. I’ve never seen anything like this before.
They are what is called a saprotrophic mushroom, which just means that they feed on dead organic matter. This means that they will feed on the dead roots, decaying potting material, insects, etc, and then release the material back into the soil in a way that can be used by the plant as food.

Up to you if you want to keep or remove them :)