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Are grow lights worth getting?
What does everyone think about grow lights? I’m debating whether to get one or notπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I have a big west facing window and an east facing kitchen window, is there much point as I don’t have much money for it? #GrowLights #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
During the winter I get almost no natural light in my home. My grow lights have been an absolute lifesaver. A few plants that I expected to be dormant through winter have been growing like crazy thanks to the lights!
No need to feel pressure to get grow lights!

They can be super super helpful for folks who don’t get much natural light or have too many plants to cram into their window spaces, but definitely aren’t a necessity.

Some folks use them in addition to natural light to give their plants an extra boost but it sounds like you’ve got some great light sources. I wouldn’t worry about buying them unless it feels natural to you!
@Softer_sounds thank you, I have been thinking about getting one for the past couple months but haven’t been sure. I have some plants I wanna put in different places in my home but worried they will be to far from the window so I’m not sure. I have plans to get a big plant stand so I can have more near my big window :)
@Kiersten thanks for this, I plan to get a big plant stand so I can have lots of my plants near my big window!
Fwiw, I’ve had pretty good luck with relatively cheap grow lights. GE makes a pretty good grow light LED flood bulb for about $10 that produces normal looking white light
unequivocally yes and all i got were white grow bulbs for my lamps that i already had. the picture is an example!
@RJG I look at this and it doesn’t even look like a grow light, I like it
this one is too
@RJG your snake plant is massive!
I agree with @RJG good advice! I also bought 2 bulbs from Amazon that give plants the full color spectrum but look like regular white light. I put one in an old lamp without a shade and the other on a rope with pendant fixture that I hang from my ceiling.
@dylan1stokes I highly recommend grow lights, especially during the winter months. I have several in my house.
@TinaRedchic yeah I like the bulb idea, could be something I do
@KristyGoldblatt thank you, I just thought that having a grow light would just help with my plants growth and happiness
@dylan1stokes β€œgrowth & happiness” Awww. Such a good #plantdad Your collection is beautiful.
@Hypsie omg thank you, I try to make sure they have anything the need and my collection doesn’t stop growing haha. I’m getting plants every week
@dylan1stokes I should make one a week my New Years resolution lol It’s a great addiction to have! πŸͺ΄
@Zach Check out this thread
@Hypsie that’s a great idea!
I’ve found mine to be helpful, but if you have plenty of light and your plants are happy then you’re fine!
@BJoyce I think I will invest in my plant stand first and see how things go, still may get one
Grow lights are also good for overcast days, especially when this stretches out days at a time.
@Delaine yes definitely, where I am especially during the winter I feel like I could do with some extra light
I thing they’re worth it for the winter. you can also get a grow lightbulb if you have an old desklight/lamp with the right Watt limit.
I’ve also heard that purple LED lights work ?
They have made a huge difference in the health and happiness of my plants! I highly recommend if you don’t think your plants are getting adequate light.
I don't have one but I am about to buy just the light bulb and put it in my lamp for mine
@Sammyws thank you
@user8dec85fa I do have quite good lighting but I’m worried that I’ll place some plants to far away from the window
@Uniqueplantlove I think when I do get one I’ll just get the bulb as well
@dylan1stokes have you considered buying a light meter? I bought one off Amazon and I use it all the time. It was a real eye opener to see how much light my plants were actually getting. Some that I thought were in good spots were actually getting very little light. (Hence my need for grow lights!)
@dylan1stokes here is the light meter I purchased and I’ve been very happy with it: Dr.Meter 1330B-V Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter
@CarrieK thank you, I haven’t actually heard of light metres before so I will have a look at this :)
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I bought some recently and was a little a skeptical as to the effectiveness of the ones I purchased. I didn’t notice much of anything going on until I move a Jasmine plant that had seemed to have gone dormant for the winter under it… within a week there was multiple points of new growth!
@Frut that sounds great, it was just going to be something to encourage my plants especially ones that would be further from the windows
Grow lights are worth it depending on the situation. I had to make a quick indoor emergency light setup with lights from Walmart. They are cheap but you need to protect your eyes since they seem to omit UV light. But the plants seem to love this light. And I needed to protect them from freezing wind last minute. I need to fix the indoor setup still but it works pretty well in a frost emergency. The tomatoes really love this light.
@SirLiquorice thank you for this, at some point I do wanna get them!

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