Posted 2M ago by @MusicalRockweed

Help im new to being a plant momma

Can anyone tells me what is wrong with my cactus? There are areas in it that look dry.
Last watered 4 days ago
what's the weatjer like? is it too sunny over there? if so then i would maybe say sunburn

this could be fixed by more frequent watering. greg likely has it wrong because you set your soil to regular and your pot to no drainage.

soil IS regular likely, but the "pot" is the ground, which has drainage :)
@connorrrrrrr I live in port Isabel, Tx. Right now we are in the 80 degrees; however, in the summer it does over 100 degrees. The cactus came with this property. We bought the place 1 year ago and ever since the cactus has been that way. I recently started watering it more often and I saw a difference. It looks healthier. But my concern is that the palm right next to it has a huge gap in the bottom part and I’m afraid it’s a plague or something. I’ve attached a photo so you can see
@MusicalRockweed how interesting! it seems like an old palm tree was cut out and somebody used stump killer on it, but then a new palm tree came and grew on top of the old stump.

considering the fact that the new one is growing on top of it and that the cactus is fine despite the stump being there for so long, i wouldn't worry about any diseases spreading through the soil.