Posted 2w ago by @SunflowerDaisy

New plant... need help
So I got this guy today and he looked super good! But then I accidentally had to leave him in my black car in the hot Florida sun, so he's very wilted. Any chance I can still save him? He has a bit of green on the base of the stem but idk if I should cut all the leaves off or no
What kind of plant is it ?
😒 I did this to a plant in AZ a couple weeks ago. It did not survive.
Look sad but yes I beleive you can helpy it , Try to water it normally now if the soil is dry and keep it in cool room temperature
@RJG im not really sure but it had kind of a whitish middle on the leaves when I got it, with green on the edges
@SunflowerDaisy can you take a close up on a leaf?

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