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Pruning Jades
Well, it's been years and of my 5 jade plants one has a branch, and it started this year πŸ˜‚

I am going to do some pruning to encourage them all to branch, and I would like to put the two attached into their own pots. A few questions.

1. Can I take off some of the bottom leaves of my jades and plant them deeper so I know they have extra support when the branch?
2. If so, should I give them a few days to callous before repotting?
3. Ideally I would like to prune and repot at the same time so it's one shock instead of several, but if I they need to callous how long should I wait in between pruning and repotting?
4. I am seeing different answers. How much of the plant/how many leaves can I take at once. 1/4? More? Less?
5. I saw somewhere that someone encourages branching by cutting just above a node and pinching new growth. I am assuming this is only an option if the stem is woody?

Phew. I think that's everything πŸ˜‚
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6” pot with drainage
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Bonsai folk will remove like 90% of the leaves. Jade plants are dope like that. I would definitely suggest letting it callous over before planting it deeper if you choose to do that.
(Sorry if this comment posts twice) Look up Jade bonsai on YouTube. It's wild how much damage these dudes can take and continue to thrive through.
@WickedValkyrie this is SO exciting!
Definitely post pics when you do it! (: Once I get enough money for supplies in gonna do the same thing for my Zeus. He's a big boi!!
@WickedValkyrie mine are a range of sizes but mostly small/medium so it's probably the perfect time!
From the looks of it, he's probably been pruned many times, but he was already huge when I got him so 🀷

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