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πŸ…πŸ…Greg Creator Community Week One πŸ…πŸ…
Last week we challenged y’all to help spread the word about Greg and we are off to a HOT start.

If you missed the announcement see the link πŸ‘‰

πŸ“ˆ Stats from Week One:

πŸ”₯ 205 Creators Signed Up
πŸ’° $400 Paid to 18 Creators
🀳 37 Posts Created
πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ 625k+ Individuals in the Greg Creator Audience

🌟 Top Post of the Week

@namedatbug/video/7207870594166099243" target="_blank"> @namedatbug/video/7207870594166099243

Other Awesome Creations:


Did you join in the fun? Let’s get creating!
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I just want to say big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!! Seeing these posts is sooo cool and getting the word out about Greg is such a great way to grow our community!

Please keep posting, and if you haven’t already then give it a shot! We’re excited to keep paying out our Creator Fund πŸ˜ŠπŸ’Έ
I have a large following and once I’m done my school semester I plan to didicate lots of time to being a plant content creator ❀️
@robbi_rose dedicate **
@robbi_rose sounds awesome Robbi! Hope you finish up your term well!
@robbi_rose your oasis is a vibe!!!
@martin oh dang you're right! Phenomenal look @robbi_rose
When it’s available for aussies I’ll join! ✨🌱✨
@AstroMind I will ping you personally Laura!
@RJG 😳 this is so awesome! πŸ’• this.
As your most technologically unsophisticated Gregger, I looked at the Instagram ones and was very impressed. I am not on any other social media but Greg and this almost makes me want try what they are doing on Instagram if I could figure out how. They are beautiful. This isn’t essential but other than Robbi Rose I couldn’t tell which Greggers they were. I did go to the information given about how to do this and was put off by the mention of using β€œbrands” that one uses. I thought this was just to advertise Greg but it sounded like we were to try to sell others on the β€œbrands β€œ we use. For plant people that would be fertilizer, soil, bug and fungus killers, etc. I didn’t want to have to do that. I didn’t see that done on the examples you gave today, though, which is good. A good tie-in would be if the Greg usernames were clear on the Instagram creations so those interested could look for them on Greg initially and that would help them get into Greg. This would be a good time also for Greg to add a search function so that users can look up any plant, topic, post, username, etc. at will. It would make using Greg less of a maze for us too, speaking only for the less techie people already on Greg. Since you started this project I have noticed more newbies on Greg and they have been a great addition to the Greg community @rjg @martin
@AC73LoveCats I know the middle insta link, the one labeled 2️⃣ is @AshleyK! But this is good feedback.
@RJG Thanks, I am glad it is helpful. What about my β€œbrands” concern? Is this just to advertise Greg or the β€œbrands” we use, too?
@AC73LoveCats the Kale platform is used by a number of different brands to allow their users to create content about their various products.

I can't speak for what other brands are available but videos making content about Greg would only need to have Greg as the product being used.
@AC73LoveCats I would LOVE a search function (for tags/posts/users, but *especially* for plants!)
@AC73LoveCats the platform we use to support the program works with a lot of other brands. After you signup on you’ll see challenges specific to the Greg app and can ignore the others
@sarledi if you'd like to look at all the species of plant in the Greg database you can go to
@RJG Oh that's great to know! Thanks for the link πŸ™Œ
@RJG @martin Thank you both, that is EXACTLY what I hoped to hear.
I’m embarrassed to admit this, when I tried it I could not figure out how to record my screen while using Greg
@Captjo No need to be embarrassed. Do you have an iPhone or an android?
Thanks. iPhone @RJG
@Captjo go to your settings and select control center. Then, scroll down and find screen record and add it to your list. Then, when you swipe down from the top right corner you'll have the screen record option.

Let me know if that makes sense.
@RJG whoa, this is so cool. Thank you for helping the πŸ¦•
@Captjo happy to help!
@Captjo I don’t understand, what does that record exactly? What are you trying to do when you do that?
@AC73LoveCats it records what's happening on your phone screen. Then you can share how you use Greg with your friends.
@AstroMind I’m waiting with you πŸ€“
Congratulations to everyone who got top post! πŸ₯³
Don't be embarrassed @Captjo ! I don't know how to do it either! πŸ˜† Drew do you know how to record the screen on an Android?

You swipe from the top to see your menu.
Click the ✏️ to edit what is in your menu.
Add screen record.
Then, when you swipe down again it'll be there and you just click it to record.

My photos don't want to post in order, let me know if you need clarification 🀦🏽
@PlantMompy thanks!
Thank you!!! @PlantMompy
What is the third picture where the app asks "what's new?" And there are a number of things you can select. I cannot find this anywhere in the app and I'm subbed on Android. Thanks!
@kage012 it's probably a version release only iPhone users have at this time. Us Android users are about 6 months behind I think?
@kage012 that's the track progress feature. @ShadesofGreen is right thag it's only on iOS right now but it's on the roadmap to get to everyone.
@RJG are there any plans to pause iPhone "privileges" so Android can catch up and the releases for special functions can be released on the same or similar timeline? It's really frustrating as an Android user to always be behind the 8 ball (not just with Greg, but across the board!) I am the poster child for "life's not fair," but it would be really nice if the gap in time weren't so significant based on consumer product decisions.
@ShadesofGreen hey Christa totally fair question ideally the two versions would be identical.

The two biggest reason for the difference was iOS has a full year's head start and Android is a really diverse ecosystem of phones and operating systems.

I can assure you we are working as hard as we can to get them evened out and appreciate the (kind) feedback and understanding.
At least this should be made known to Greg subscribers. I signed up with the understanding that those features were available but I would def not pay for fertilizer scheduling alone
Hey @kage012,
Sorry if we were unclear about what was included in your subscription to Greg. Can you let us know where you saw the misleading material so we can correct it?

The paid subscription gets you watering reminders, fertilizer reminders, light placement suggestions, and for all these suggestions to take into account your local weather.

I can assure you we are working hard to get community on both android and iOS exactly the same.
Whatever I read definitely reflected more of the offerings on iOS so maybe I misunderstood/misread it seems.
At least in the Zendesk explanation of super Greg it mentions "an indoor light gauge" and i would understand that as an actually metered reading via camera sensor or so vs. a visual depiction and confirmation of what you've simply entered into the plant details. The rest is more or less what's described there. However, knowing that iOS has a much larger offering for the same price is a bit disappointing for the community on Android. For me a lower price would be a good compromise for us as opposed to hamstringing the iOS app development
@RKG I'd imagine you'll probably have a few unhappy newer users who weren't here for the transition stage- I was and I still got a little bent about that photo with options I don't have yet- I was blissfully unaware until this exact post πŸ˜… my annoyance largely stems from jealousy but is supported by the knowledge that Android is a little "behind." The creator platform is great but will open old wounds for those of us that were here and raise questions for those new(er) to the platform who weren't aware before subscribing and/or paying that there's a gap in releases and products between devices. I know the dev team works really hard but it is a bit of bitter pill sometimes. For me, managing my plants here is still far superior to any other plant app I've tried, and the community is second to none, so for me it's worth the mild annoyance about the differences in devices but may not be for others. I'm really excited for that update whenever it comes! πŸ€—
Ha I forgot to mention Kale afterwards until it reminded me today…
I have a hard time with the plant identification part of the app. The succulents alone are a mess. I was looking up Ruby Slippers and there were so many misidentified Aeonium and others. I felt disingenuous when demonstrating the identifier and it didn’t get anything correct. I think in the end I went with just a pothos…
@RJG This is AMAZING!! I didn’t know this was possible! I will say I’ve had a challenge with trying to take pics within the app with iPhone 14 max pro. I can’t get good close pics anymore. So I have to take the pic on the camera roll then add it to Greg. A small inconvenience but when adding a lot of plants it can get time consuming. Thanks @RJG !
You're welcome, @earthdaisy!