Posted 1Y ago by @JustMike

Emperess palm leaves drying out πŸ§πŸ€”

Help! #RhapsisPalm in trouble. I water it as suggested by the app. humidity in the room is high + I sprinkle/soak the leaves daily. Still, two leaves are clearly dying. All the rest looks ok. In the morning, after the night there are small dots from all leaves on the ground. What is going on with my palm 😲😬?
@JustMike I lost my palm due to that same reason. They love πŸ’• humidity. I would buy a small humidifier and put near it to help with the humidity. Plus mine had root rot.
Losing lower leaves is normal. Let soil dry between watering. Be sure to use a cactus/ palm soil mix. They like sandy soil
@JustMike @Plantgirl56 girl is correct on the soil. I would add some perlite to it to help with irrigation. Some of the cactus/palm soils doesn’t have enough perlite in it. I always add perlite to all my soil.