Posted 2M ago by @jhays

My lucky bamboo is not doing well. I noticed she started ...

1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Last night I removed her from the pot and the soil was still really wet. I let the roots dry overnight, but there is no root rot. Should I put her in water or in a different soil such as succulent or cactus soil with some perlite? I did drill a hole in the container after I removed her. I also cut off the yellow parts and put wax over the cuts. Suggestions?
Photos of the pot and roots
Use pumice rock. Perlite can eventually turn into a powder because it crushes so easily. Pumice is much better for drainage for all plants. These like a well draining soil. A good commercial brand is black gold brand cactus mix. Add fox farm happy frog to the black gold cactus mix.
@jhays that’s good you drilled the hole. They need that
@ThePinkCactus the rocks were actually glued together on the surface. There wasn’t much perlite in it if any. It’s still in water at the moment but I’m gonna move it to well draining soil and rock