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Is my plant dying?
This Fitonia used to be very nice and compact and lately the leaves have been drying and falling, it’s getting leggy and bold in the middle. I’m wondering if it is dying. I moved it now to the bathroom where it can have better light, but I’m concerned about the overall health.
23ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 hour ago
Best Answer
This plant is naturally a ground cover. It grows in the shade of large trees and it will want to spread and flop. In nature, it will sprout more roots when it sits on the soil long enough.

My plant is also balding a bit because it's spreading. I will take a cutting and put it back in the soil in an attempt to root it. 
Leggy plants normally means that it’s reaching for light. This plant is also a low-growing plant so it will grow to be wider than it is tall.

As far as falling leaves, it could just be old leaves dying off, but this plant absolutely loves constant moisture, otherwise they get dramatically limp and crispy.

You can chop and prop if you want it to be bushier. :)

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