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I saw a bunch of little white bugs on my snake plant soil! What do I do what do I do 😩 I watered it well and they still were moving around 🀒
8ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I would definitely repot first and get some fresh soil. Then i’d spray a neem oil mixture and continue to do so weekly. Drench the plant when you spray and allow it to dry. i’d also β€œquarantine” it during this time and keep it away from your other plants so the bugs don’t spread to your other plants! Hope this helps!
#pestcontrol there are few things the first thing is dont panic help is on the way. I keep a bottle of neem oil. From amazon. I have tried cinnamon sprinkled on top works wonders and smells better than neem oil. I have changed the soil for lost causes and depending on the situation isolate the plant so you can monitor without affecting the others
@blackplantgirl @GreenGiant thanks for answering so quick. I have neem oil on the way thanks to Amazon prime and sprinkled some cinnamon. I will prob repot cuz I’m sleeved out. I was prob going to use part cactus/palm soil with my other soil. Also it’s raining today. Do those sticky traps do anything? I was thinking of throwing a pack.
Sticky traps are for fungus gnats that fly around.

There may have been eggs in the soil or somebuggy laid eggs recently. I’ve been baking my soil before using to kill anything buggy.
@Hypsie baking your soil?! Tell me more! I would bet the bugs were in the soil when I got it and I just didn’t notice
Yes, I bet they were! There’s no way to know if there’s eggs. Miracle grow is famous for that lol. I use it, but first stick it in a foil lined pan at 200 degrees for at least 30min.
@Hypsie oh great that’s all I have is miracle grow lol. My husband is gonna look at me like I am crazy when I start baking dirt lmao 🀣
Follow up question Can these bugs damage the plant or are they just disgusting???
@AshleyK πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It’s all I have, too. Only one plant got buggy. I probably forgot to bake before repotting now that I think about it. β€œThat’s not brownies, hun” 🀣
They can definitely do damage. Killed my begonia 😒. I took cuttings to root and replant.
You all rock! I love this app! Good news is I did see a little baby leaf popping up so that’s exciting